Monday, September 21, 2009

Chills Run Down My Spine As Our Fingers Entwine


Oh peeps it has been a while won't believe it I actually have a less than tragic story to post.

So after the h-core rejection of last post things took a turn for the interesting. It seems that common ground kid wasn't going to fade into that background that easily. In fact as soon as I offered the cold shoulder, the plot took it's twist. Apparently boys want you to not like them. The stops starting getting pulled out. And after a silent longboarding trip, a Lights concert and a Harvey Birdman marathon...things are looking good. I am more then content with his arms around me.

I have this week off of work so I am gonna live the good life, of being a half hobo.There is going to be a lot of sleeping in, caramel apples, shopping, and just all around fantastic times. So let's let the good times roll!


Blogger Graham said...

What's been going on lately?get an update going on!!!

5:07 PM


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