Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shalalalalala I'm a soldier of love

Well I just got home from a jam packed Wednesday. A full day of work, a trip out to the temple, longboarding with the sisters and a 45 minute drive back.

Life has been pretty low key lately. The boy that I was rehearsing romantic scenes with, sent me a renewal of friendship via the facebook. Odd. I was going to just decline but I figured that would just result in too much drama so I opted the route of adding and not really paying all that much attention. So far so good. He's too busy being the new Donny Osmond anyways.

So Topher is apparently in the Hat....and I haven't heard a word from him since departure to Alberta. Odd. It is like this eerie calm before a storm.

I have taken a liking to this really good guy. Odd. Cause I usually go for the final five in the Mr. Low Life Loser pageant. He's this beautifully hilarious, musically inclined, and lets not lie,a very well built boy. He is flirty...but that doesn't really help my cause, because that is just kind of his disposition. As you all know I have quite mastered the technique of recruiting a good guy, even for the simplest events such as a date. So everyone just put some good karma out there for me....dedicate a yoga session or something. I dunno I just need all the positive energy I can round up for this endeavour.

I look forward to the proceeding posts from this.


Blogger Jenny said...


I have no idea who you are talking about and I want to know!!

10:35 AM

Blogger KARSA said...

Salam for you Mis Jeny and family,ym simpaty for youre article, good and sucsess to all thank you verymuch, Amin

11:35 PM


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