Sunday, May 31, 2009

I know better, I know better....still I wish I was by your side....

Ok! So last night I was privy to see the wonderfully quirky Sarah Slean. I am in a euphoric state. I love that girl, she is my idol if I could be anyone but me...I would be her.

The first time I saw her live was last year at Knox Church in downtown Calgary. Now I am not a big crier....but when I heard the song "Please Be Good To Me" the tears streamed from my eyes. Her lyrics so ingenious, so poignant. They can create emotion and a connection. This time I came prepared to feel. Since I came with a foreknowledge of their effect on me, I was certain a tear would not catch me off guard. But alas, as she played "California" my eyes may have glistened. It was so hauntingly beautiful, and related to how I feel perfectly. Listen to the song... especially if you love someone you shouldn't. I am currently in the process of learning it on the piano.

And of course she finished with "My Invitation." It was like she could read my mind on what songs she should play. I could have sat there all night in that UofC theatre. I actually have sang on that very same stage she played on tonight. Kind of cool side note.

It was a good day. Spent a good portion shopping, and a short but fantastic portion listening to my favourite artist. I got home at 2:00 am...and was so tired that I fell dead asleep. Which was wonderful considering I haven't slept a full night in about a week. Thoughts of this impending reunion have me in inner turmoil. I know better, I know better....still I wish I was... by your side.


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