Thursday, March 22, 2007

1:30 am can only warrant questioning

At times it is hard to believe the irony in your life. Who would have ever dreamed I would have ended up with a Kasson complex? Ok not me. But yet here I am. Why did I show up at the teen dream pageant and think that I would just walk away without wanting to hang out with one of the contestants at the after party? I had a really good night last night actually. He's really sweet and funny. However...I should definitely not be pushing this. Yet it's hard not to when someone thinks your jokes are funny and actually asks you to go out and do something with them. It is kinda a rare thing for that to happen. And really it shouldn't be.

I am needing to remedy this. Actually not remedy, but detour? I dunno I have to switch routes. I want to be his friend.....I am his friend. But there is extreme potential to ruin this. I am not going to let this turn out like another boy horror story in my book. This premee is going to get a happy ending. Maybe not the one he wanted but it would be better then the one that was originally in store.


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