Monday, April 23, 2007

Colors of the wind does have the word how in it!

Well well well. So Topher is out. Man that didn't take long. I wished him luck but somehow everyone crashes and burns in the book of Flick. I was the lead along dumpee in this chapter....which is pretty much a running theme in the book.

But since Topher took his place in the line of those who hurt me....someone else got bumped back up to the line of my friends. Which is great because I didn't like not having the boy with the curly blonde hair as my friend. So coudous to Kasson.

Yesterday was fun filled. Complete with a walk through a graveyard and later on a game in which some how I ended up singing "Milkshake" by Kelis with Braden,

I was really starting to look like a before infomercial before I got my hair cut today! So I am looking good for what might possibly be the encounter #1. Plus I am wearing a hot button up pin striped shirt from the GAP so I am feeling good.

So watch me play with seems to be my favourite pastime.


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