Sunday, May 24, 2009

Enter Stage Left

So here I am making my triumphant return to blogging. Ok take out triumphant and replace it with whatever you wish. None the less if you ever have read my blog before it is just the pointless rants and stories of my life. So enjoy.
So of course there is always the recent boy making his debut on the Ashley Show. He's cute, funny and probably the most talented of anyone to ever grace the stage. But of course he possesses the qualities and characteristics that most of the males I cast embody. Young and lacking any sort of motivation or direction. Yet he pulls off the romantic scenes so well that you can't help but keep him around for a couple rehearsals. Horrible I know. I would like to actually cast him in an actual role but he lacks the commitment to follow through with the production. Auditions are turning out to be a lot of fun, however I am spending too much time casting the chorus line.
But I have been thinking. It is ingrained into me that in order to make this play a success I need to cast a leading man, Ok enough of the analogy but in all seriousness, it is a notion that I am trying to move past. I think I can pull this off on my own. I no longer think that I need the validation of a boyfriend or what have you to make me a success. I have kind of a new do what you feel attitude. My goal is to be happy on my own terms. Which has raised a bit of a ruckus with a few folks. People have their own opinions on what you should and shouldn't do to produce this so called happiness. I think it differs for everyone what that means and entails so just because you are happy doing what you are doing doesn't mean another person will be. So in conclusion, don't worry if what I am doing doesn't seem right or make any sense. Who are you to determine that?
So there was a story and a rant...oh the joys of blogging.


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