Sunday, May 24, 2009

You Don't Need Treats....You Don't Need Tricks

Ok peeps here is the latest....
So new story. Met a boy, well actually had met him a couple times... thought the polite thing to do would be at least to make him my Facebook friend. So i did so. Of course, he accepted my request and became what has been deemed "an internet boyfriend." For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it is someone that is your best buddy on msn or facebook chats you up, and comments on practically everythings you write. But the reality of it is...have you really spent any amount of time with this person in real life? 5 minutes at most.
Ok, this guy is cute, educated, articulate and thinks things like Flight of the Conchords are funny. This is good...maybe we should try to transition this into reality. I would like to state that by moving this to reality, is spending more than 5 minutes with this person...not in fact making them your actual boyfriend....but instead of typing, actually talking. And they always seem to be implying that they would like do to so as well.
So I made some feeble attempts...even set up an appointment at our office for him. Alas, only in the end to find out he wasn't worth the trouble. Tonight, being the blunt individual that I am, was like hey I am doing this you should come. He was like maybe...I will think about and I was like no no either you are coming or you aren't and he was like I'm not....which would have been fair enough to leave it at that but we give an excuse of another lady finding out and that being an issue.....and we're done! I am a no nonsense girl. You want to get to know me...then do. Simple. If you don't then don't I don't need an excuse.
Maybe I was too harsh? Rash even? I dunno I just figure if it resemebles the situations of my past in anyway then to cut my losses. Of course, I will be civil and polite...I mean he isn't a bad person, just the potential it flickered was apbrutly extinguished.
Oh wait update... he has a girlfriend....remember that time you kept pretending like you wanted to hang out and do something? Ok quick tip, fact ,whatever...if you have a shouldn't be out for more potential friends that are girls. Just a thought? Correct me if I am out of line in that statement.


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