Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Verbatim and it's Shakin'

Ok so last night I may or may not have had my socks rocked off by two of the sweetest Canadian bands. I have dubbed my friend Cody my concert boyfriend cause his actual girlfriend never wants to come to concerts. So I luck out and score extra tickets. It's a pretty sweet deal actually I'm not gonna lie. However, Codes and I have a lot to learn about being concert goers. The tickets said the show was to start at now I wasn't that niave I was like pshh prob won't start till 8:30 or 9ish but whatever we can go and chill and it won't be that long. I swear that is didn't start till 9:30. Oh well better then that time we were stoked to see The Midway State perform and showed up thinking that we were going to be hard core and beat out all the other fans. So we showed up 15 mins only to find that no one in Lethbridge really knew who The Midway State was and we could have just waltzed right up to the front of the stage, the very moment they walked on to play. Oh well live and learn.

The opening band was really who I knew more of the music of. I have seen Said the Whale count em three times now, and never do they dissapoint. However, this band always has a bass player who looks like he doesn't belong. Poor guy he just swayed back and forth in the background. I don't think one of the 4 other band memebers ever made eye contact with him. I think I saw a single tear roll down his cheek. I wonder how long this guy will last? Maybe I could be the next bass player!

Which brings us to Mother Mother. I was freaking blown away by this band. Their sound is really different and I love that it is a co-ed band with more than one token girl.It had it all sweet rhythems, tasty guitar licks, and bass player who not only belonged but was friggin hott and whipped out a tenor sax from time to time. Look up Hayloft... I suggest it cause it was the first song I listened to and I was hooked.
Good music makes me happy.


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