Sunday, May 24, 2009

Say Goodbye to the World You Thought You Lived In

So we all failed the preliminary round for Fernie Date 2009.
Let me explain. My boss every year takes our whole office to spend a weekend in Fernie. Every year I have such a great time. We stay at this beautiful resort up in the mountains, you can go check out all the little fun shops while enjoying a carmel apple from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It is a fantatic weekend. This year three of us decided that this year our guest would not be our sibling or close girlfriend....that we in fact were gonna round up dates. Which in reality you shouldn't be too hard to find a sensible guy who would want to spend a free weekend in Fernie....but we don't live in reality....we live in YSA.

Whether they were too young, too old, too complicated, too unavailable, or just flat out too stupid, no guys took any interest, in fact most screwed us over. Our life is like living in "The Bachelor". The odds are definitley not in our favor. There is 25 women to 1 guy. And we are talented, educated, articulate, beautiful women. However, placed in the crap shoot of a scenario, most of us appear in a few brief episodes. Then our stint on that round of the show is done. When did dating become this? Why can he kiss two of us in one night and it is deemed acceptable in his decision process?And why am I one of the older girls at 23? This "show" isn't in fact one of reality at all.

I don't want to play anymore.

Here's to us not finding a Fernie's to them finding us.


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