Monday, September 21, 2009

Chills Run Down My Spine As Our Fingers Entwine


Oh peeps it has been a while won't believe it I actually have a less than tragic story to post.

So after the h-core rejection of last post things took a turn for the interesting. It seems that common ground kid wasn't going to fade into that background that easily. In fact as soon as I offered the cold shoulder, the plot took it's twist. Apparently boys want you to not like them. The stops starting getting pulled out. And after a silent longboarding trip, a Lights concert and a Harvey Birdman marathon...things are looking good. I am more then content with his arms around me.

I have this week off of work so I am gonna live the good life, of being a half hobo.There is going to be a lot of sleeping in, caramel apples, shopping, and just all around fantastic times. So let's let the good times roll!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Worn Me Down Like A Road I Did Everything You Told But You Can't Stop Thinking About Her

Well let's catch you all up to speed.

Common ground kid....rejected me h-core. Good times! Raise of hands who saw that one coming? Ok probably everyone but you know me, the gluten for punishment. Of course I wasn't possessing a holiday hidden in my name so I lost. Probably for more than that reason but it still stands as being my fave. Ok the jist of the fiasco was, we held hands. Now you know whenever I do that the universe collapses in on I needing some validation of authenticity because of my tremendous past asked him if he was legit. He said yes...BUT! he was holding out for other girl. And scene. Really I could have told this story before it played out and had him just insert his name in the blank. Like a crapped up mad lib.

Ok keeping up with appearances with this blog that has nothing to hide. I cracked and emailed Topher. On my way out to Fernie the nostalgia overcame me. That first night I dreamt about him and I woke up and when he wasn't there just started crying. Which is an odd thing for me to do...not usually part of my morning routine. I just emailed him some bands to listen to nothing ridiculous. And now there have been a couple back and forth one sentence emails.

Now what are the odds of this? Today I was driving down scenic heading home to Cardston when this car creeps up beside me. I didn't pay much attention to it until a glimmer of red caught my eye and they honked they're horn. BAM there was Topher. I had no idea what to do with myself. I gave this awkward half smile and wave and he had his window rolled down and some cagey friend in the passenger seat. I didn't roll down my window...really what would I have said? This continued for a good three minutes down scenic drive. Then we were approaching a stop light...he spend through I slowed down and it was over. And the tears came. Because for some reason I cry over this crap. I wish I could cry over normal things.

Well here's to hoping welcome week is fantastic. I look forward to placing my 6th name tag from bishops bbq in my journal. Hooray!