Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Falling Is Like This

Well, well, well.

So believe it or not, somehow I ended up in a relationship. Who saw that coming? Ok none of you.. don't lie.

Common ground kid, though I wasn't certain at first, was worth the broken heart and the broken car. It is now constituting my longest relationship ever, and we are going on a month and a half here folks. He is fantastic and the more I spend time with him the fonder I grow of him. So much so that I in fact am going out to Vancouver Island this Christmas to meet his family. And I am pretty sure I am extremely nervous. I have never met anyone's parents before. Well significantly other speaking. And I have 2 weeks to make it or break it with his family. It is like a terrible reality show that FOX would put on for the holidays.

This is the first Christmas that I will spend away from home....not only that it is the first birthday I will spend away from home. To combat all this nervous mumbo jumbo, I am excited. I love the west coast..pretty sure I left a piece of my soul out there in '08. It is this adventure that I can't wait to go on. This whole relationship is just the best way possible. I have never been anywhere close to what I consider normal, but this, this is comfortable. This has warm fuzzy feeling written all over it. This,though movie like at real.

I in fact said I love you for the first time in my entire life to a boyfriend. And despite the initial rocky road this whole thing took, I actually trust him. These may not seem like the most monumental things. But if you know me, is you have heard of the escapades of my life you will realize the legitimacy of this.

So people stay tuned I am in for some sort of adventure!