Sunday, June 28, 2009

And while it's true...All straight things must bend...I only want it to begin...

Ok so I had a fabulous weekend.

For those of you who know understand my deep love of dancing. Friday night me and my friend Sam planned a dance in a foot tunnel under whoop up drive. We had an exceptional turn out far more than we were expected. Sam said we probably had somewhere around 150...I never really counted I was too busy bustin' a move. I may or may not have worn high tops and sports socks....and I did bust out a little krump near the end. Ahhh dancing...

Saturday night was Performance in the was so chill...we had probably 30 people and we just played in Galt Gardens. Everyone who sang was amazing and I had such wonderful friends around who just showed up to support me.

Afterwards is where the weekend took a turn for the....better :) Two of my friends showed up after my of whom I had just met recently. The more I talked with this boy the more I found we were kindred spirits. I loved it. It was nice to hang out with someone who gets your movie references, makes commentary along with you about the firedancers and will call the phone number on the door to no where.

I spent a good portion of today with him as well....and the common ground just increased. There is some interest there...well from me anyways...if my past has proven anything it is I know nothing about guys, especially the good ones. I even tried to make an awkward move tonight and all I ended up with was mixed signals...I am going to call it quazi cuddling. lol Oh how I love being Mormon where this ridiculous situations are common place.

I dunno I just wanted to put it out there that hey I dig ya. Actually I pretty much yelled that we were long lost best friends.There is just this want for him to put his arm around me. Oh barf I am such a girl. But I am an awkward mess when it comes to boys I dunno how to do this whole thing. So here's to me trying to figure out how to not ruin something that shows potential! Wish me luck peeps....we all know I need it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shalalalalala I'm a soldier of love

Well I just got home from a jam packed Wednesday. A full day of work, a trip out to the temple, longboarding with the sisters and a 45 minute drive back.

Life has been pretty low key lately. The boy that I was rehearsing romantic scenes with, sent me a renewal of friendship via the facebook. Odd. I was going to just decline but I figured that would just result in too much drama so I opted the route of adding and not really paying all that much attention. So far so good. He's too busy being the new Donny Osmond anyways.

So Topher is apparently in the Hat....and I haven't heard a word from him since departure to Alberta. Odd. It is like this eerie calm before a storm.

I have taken a liking to this really good guy. Odd. Cause I usually go for the final five in the Mr. Low Life Loser pageant. He's this beautifully hilarious, musically inclined, and lets not lie,a very well built boy. He is flirty...but that doesn't really help my cause, because that is just kind of his disposition. As you all know I have quite mastered the technique of recruiting a good guy, even for the simplest events such as a date. So everyone just put some good karma out there for me....dedicate a yoga session or something. I dunno I just need all the positive energy I can round up for this endeavour.

I look forward to the proceeding posts from this.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Toughest of the tough....but still a lady...

Well another week has come and gone. I can't believe that it is June! I am almost half way through the year. And I am feeling ok about 2009. I have only had one trainwreck of a "relationship" thus far...which is good considering that by this point last year I was in the middle of my third. So props to that.

I am excited for summer cause that means it is the season for Performances in the Park. Last year I started organizing little aucoustic shows that we played in various parks in the community. Last year we did two fantastic shows and at the end of this month I have the third one in the works. I am excited for music, oh how I love it! So if you are looking something to do on June 27th I'll keep you posted and you can come out and listen.

Along with that I have been invited to go up and sing at this little art/aucoustic night up in Calgary in July. Kind of nervous about it but at the same time excited I think it is going to be a lot of fun. My girlfriend Kara is part of the group organizing it so thanks to her I get to be a part of it all. Which means I should start practicing it up.

Another thing that I plan on co-organizing with my lovely friend Jenny sometime next month, is a classey sort of cabaret night. I sing a lot for funny times but I think it would be nice to sit down at a piano and sing mellow songs with low lighting while the audience sips on funny little drinks. I did learn how to play California and am itching to play it for an audience. Though I could never fully do the wonderful Ms. Sarah Slean justice.

Really, I have decided that my answer to my problem that has been keeping me awake at night is to keep busy. I need things to focus on, other than my potential downfall. I was such a mess when he left last time. I am in no rush to go back to being that girl. I need to remember that,and forget everything else.