Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Giving up the pipe dream

Ok so boy who left me without words, saw him at instifruit tonight...and saw who he previously dated. Okkkk yeah she is pretty much everything I am not....little, blonde, big boobed with an english accent. I mean I can't trump that! Nothing trumps an accent...and I am pretty sure my boobs are introverted. Ahhh whats a girl to do?! Dang....it seemed like maybe just maybe....I dunno, oh well he will still be a good friend. And you can't have too many of those can ya Denise? :S

This bites, it really does! Cause tonight before busty larue came into the picture things were taking a turn for the great. Then BAM....not so much. Oh well Sam hugged me and told me I smelled good. Pimps and bad boys....really I should write a song, or book, or sweet lymric.

Well I am going to drink my sorrows away in some bottled relief society water! WOoT! I can't give up hope there is a good guy.....somwhere......right?

Come Fly with Me!

Ok.....so who knew a boy could physically make you lose your voice? It all started when I decided I needed a new windsheild wiper cause one of mine was not doing its job very well. And oddly enough....a boy who I happen to find rather interesting and look like a puppy in front of works there. Plus it was more conveinient to go to that Canadian Tire =) Ha umm well anyways....yes after a practice run at the windshield wiper department at WalMart Sarah and I drove over to Candadian Tire to meet Denise for the real windshield wiper purchase. After I had my windsheild wiper picked out we casually perused the store to look at various items. Oddly enough we ran into =) the boy. As I tried to speak my voice got all raspy and weird and no matter how hard I tried to clear my throat......didn't work. He said thanks for coming to visit and that he would be coming to our FHE. I stumbled out of Canadian Tire and didn't look back.

He did show up at FHE. It was good I talked to him without my raspy old woman voice. We played the dating game at FHE and I was a contestant...and I ended up picking a really nice guy to go out on a date with. Plus my visiting teaching companion who has her pilots licence offered to take the couples who participated flying! So I am super excited I just hope that the boys follow through on the dates.

Then we went to the Penny Coffee House....which was a really good time. The guy that was working there was beyond entertaining and I got to eat a sandwhich with alvocados in it! It was a great eveninig only lacking in one aspect. But I had fun!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Frisky is Risky!

Ok I am new at this. I mean I have never really had to do this before. I am trying to talk to normal nice guys. Now why this is new for me? It is because the boys that pay attention to me have never been normal nor nice.....I know how to carry on the pointless flirt banter, I know how to deal with boys like that.

Yesterday I got to spend sometime with Denise and Sarah.....and the boy who saw me looking at him like a puppy. Anyways alot better this time around. I did not look like a puppy and he kinda got to see what I am all about....and visa versa.It was good! If anything I made a new friend out of the whole expirience, which is great cause he is an awesome person. Not saying he is next in line but if I am able to meet and talk with normal guys more often like this I am on to dating one of them in no time. WOOT! Plus I got to listen to the Young Defenders of Canada CD....lol which is always a good time!

On to today. I did it....I sat beside the boy in church I had an in with. And yeah just talked to him and caught up and it was good. There wasn't really anything there but I am getting practice in. And dang I did look good today!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Buddy I am not your freakin buddy.

Ooook so pretty much the worst thing happened to me at work today..... I work in a dental office.....and my boss knowingly knows he intimidates the beheejees outta me and he asks me to take impressions on him.....saying it is for my learning benefit but really I think it was for his shear enjoyment to watch me tremble. Of course I sucked and he was positioning my hand correctly and everything.

After listening to him crutique me for a good while I got to escape to the back to pour up the mold for his bleaching tray. Where the dental assistant who drives me bananas snaps at me for using plaster cause she didn't know what I was doing....my nerves are shot. I freakin walk on pins and needles at the office cause of her. I do love the people I work with but sometimes I just think that I am gonna snap! It will be a funny day when I do....But it was all good my boss at the day was like thanks for that awesome impression you took on me.I do like him even though he likes to torture me.

Oh funny update acidentally sent a text to weird man of the moment from two weeks ago....when i meant to send it to my roomate denise....they are close together in my phonebook....anyways yeah texts me back and calls me bud.....Ya? NO....anyways creepy I am not your bud. Really I wish I wasn't your anything but since I screwed up and kissed him I guess that makes us buddies? I dunno how it works but all I know is gotta be strong and not text back.....even though the idea is tempting. Nope I am not going to and thats it.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thank you for being a friend!

Our freakin house is insane! Wow right now we have our lone home teacher over and we are screaming each others dirty laundry at each other. Ahhh girls we gotta stop that. Do you realize we are never going to be able to bring a normal boy to this house?( no offense to those males who have visted the house previously but I am sure you all kinda understand). A normal good guy would know every story about me and run in the opposite direction. Not that I wouldn't be honest with someone I was dating but the way stories are told about me at this house I am made to look like Blanche Deveraux from the Golden Girls. And really who am I kidding my past kinda makes me out to look like her but I am trying to change that persona. Actually we are all kinda like the golden girls at this house....Sweet story telling Denise has to be Rose. Outspoken tell it like it is Sophia had to be Smith...and of course me being the youngest and all I took on the part of Blanche =). Heron......kinda by default is Dorothy.

Oh and about talking to the good guy at church......he wasn't there. And dang I looked good today...oh well till next week then. Oh and I got to talk to another good guy this weekend.....and I just kinda stood there looking like a freakin puppy...so maybe I need to work on my tactics when talking to good guys. Man I am kinda made out in this blog to look.....not so good. I promise I am not as scary as I make myself sound. Well quazi promise.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I probably think this song is about me

Well at least I am not alone in this. Me and my roomie Smith realized that we like taking pictures......especially of ourselves. And really it may be a vain hobbie but it is so much fun....and I mean why not who else is going to sit there and take pictures of just you. So I thought I would share with the cyber world some of my pics! Cause I mean as fun as it is to read someones blog it is good to put a face with the rants.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is NOT zombo.com

Well I figure if the rest of the house hold has a blog I need one.....Yes Flick always the last to jump on the bandwagon. But I guess this is as good as time as any to start a blog. I for once ( well maybe for thrice) made a decision that will change the course of my dating patterns. I am excited about this! I am excited to start dating real boys and put the men of the moment aside. Being as how I have just turned 20 as well I think it is time to start dating real boys, as much fun as it is to play the retarded hand holding jr high movie party game.....it's not.
But this Sunday is it....I have an in with a good guy and I am going to play the game and I am going to play it right! I am excited. Well good luck to me!
Well sorry this blog is pointless and random but I needed to start out somewhere!