Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Are we soulmates?

I pose this question to you.

Let me take ya'll back to Cardston High School about lets say....5 years ago. I dunno why or for what reason but I found this little blonde pipsqueak of a boy rather attractive...him knowing this, asked me out on a date...it was the first time anyone ever had and I would never forget it. However things did not stay so hunkey doorey between the two of us..between the sadie hawkins fiasco and him calling me stupid it had to go downhill..infact if you picked the two people that fought the most in high school it would be me and him.

LoL now this was a long time ago....in fact I haven't seen him in two years cause he has been in California. Funny part of this story kicks in...I have been talking to friends from high school and without fail each one of them has said something along these lines to me.....you know who I have always seen you ending up with Ash......Phil. It is pretty much the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. But its like going full circle to end up with him.

lol now stop yourselves trust me I do not think this is destiny or anything....I just find it rather amusing that people say that to me. Plus my mom keeps stratigically throwing in his mish addy whenever we talk.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Smile like you mean it

Brandon, my aunts brother featured in the pic to the left could not have said it better.

Ok well the past weeks.....wait its been months...have been what my roomate Denise would term crapped up. Ok so I don't feel like I am on the cusp of greatness or anything of that nature but I do feel like everything is ok.

It is going to be the best week of my life I am sure of it. I only work two days this week. I am going to Great Falls with a bunch of friends on the weekend. Life is good.

As for Mody this is my official let go. Its done.

As for this weekend I am terming it the entrance into summer time. And good times are ahead. Summer is the funnest season in my opinion and it is going to bring alot of change into my life. End of June is the official splitting of the remenants of the 727 house. So I should enjoy my girls while I got them. Things have to get better....cause well they can only stay bad for as long as I let them.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Good Ole Uncle Rick!

Well I knew that I would have to tell him today when I saw his name on the day sheet at work. Rick one of my fave patients ever would be coming in. He always....without fail asked me about your favorite boy and mine. Anyways when he came in today, of course asked me. I had to explain to him that I had been told no. He was like what?You're the koolest! And I was like yeah I know I am whatsup with this?! And he was like thats it I am going to Canadain Tire and I am going to have a talkin to with this kid. I just laughed at him and sent him on his way but....after thinking about it....I would not put it past him to actually do it.....that worries me some.

Anyways to keep the good new rollin.....tomarrow is my job evaluation.....BOOURNS! I remember last time being drug into that little dark shady office and being bombarded with insults and not at all being evaluated.....more like emotionally beat with a 2X4. YAY! Well I will have to find something to do after work to bring my spirits up!

Anyways nothing really exciting to talk about. Though I wish there was.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Shut down for spring....Twice.....wait thrice!

Ok well if you haven't noticed it you're blind,deaf and dumb....Spring fever has hit, and it has hit hard. Everyone is in like.....everyone! Ok wait stop.....everyone except me. Somehow I am immune to the magic of spring. I become "not so nice Flick". I become pretty much the opposite of what spring fever is all about.

Let me take you back to last year. Living in Edmonton all my roomates now attatched at the hip to their new found boys. I was making a play for a certain boy named Dan. We hung out all the time did like everything together, I put it out there so much that random people I didn't know would come up and ask me what was with Dan and I......Nothing......absolutly nothing came of it. Immune to the magic of spring.

This spring I was shut down twice in a row....once by a boy who I didn't like in the first place.Yeah really how does that happen?And again by the Dan model of 2006.

So plan is to avoid social scenes as much as possible till spring ends. It needs to be summer now more than ever!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Me and you are subject to the blues now and then

Welcome to mental health Monday! I dunno if this is what feeling dead inside is like but its a really numb, odd kind of feeling. Well of course the answer was no. I knew it,Denise knew it.....I am sure my creepy peeping tom neighbor across the street knew it. Ok so major dissapointment....great guy lost to the awkwardness of Flick. Well not the first, and knowing me definatly not the last.

So besides not being at my greatest these past two days.......weird boys are coming out of the woodwork. There is this boy in my ward who just doesn't get the hint that we aren't going to hang out....not ever....calling and leaving messages on my phone. And this other one who I also lost to awkwardness who texts me to ask if I am still awkward and if we can hang out. Nothing screams awkward like that text message. And of course while at home I got the random you and Peter should have gotten together speech from a friend of ours. Yep...that's always good to hear.

So how could it not be a mental health Monday? So of course I will be purchasing a slurpee sometime today......and some new flip flops. Cause I love those as well....and I have to do something to stir some positive emotion within myself.