Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Could Have Never Guessed

Well here we are t-minus a little less than a month till I am on the Island. Everything so far has gone well, plane tickets are bought and paid for my dental assisting renewal is paid for. And somehow financially I have been able to budget it all quite well so I am patting myself on the back.

Things with Graham are going fantastic. I actually named him on this. I know! And not even with an alias. The guy is wonderful and more than I could have ever hoped to find in someone else. Constantly he tells me how wonderful I am and how happy and excited he is to be my boyfriend. I cannot help but to reciprocate. I have never been in a relationship that shows potential, that doesn't have a fixed end point in my head. Everyday I love him a little bit more. He is good and does the things he should in life, something that shouldn't be that rare to find, but is. I can't wipe the smile off my face when I am with him, and when I am not with him I confess I take any opportunity to talk about him. Yes I am one of those girls, bare with me. Looking back these moments I spend with him are worth all the heartache and turmoil that it took to get here. To get to him. And as I think on it now if not Graham who would I want? And I can't supply an answer :)

His Mom and I are now official FB friends which means that it is legit :) Actually she did pop up on the chat and was so sweet and made me feel less nervous about coming to spend 2 weeks with their family. I can't help but already love her a little bit for doing that and saying such sweet things and being so accommodating. I hope to make a good impression I know I am a little bit of a crazy one but hopefully they find it somewhat endearing.

So here is to less than a month and cross your fingers that I get everything in order before I leave. Till next time my peeps.