Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Enter Tee Tom

Ok rule number one in keeping in balance with the universe. NEVER say you hate much so that you have to put a poster up in you bedroom that declares " I am nice to______"

Well ok I will be the first to admit...I never actually hated him. He was actually what I was looking for...however it appeared I definatly was not fitting the mold of what he was looking for. So I figured ok what is the opposite of liking this boy...not liking him! OK done! I dunno why that was the logic in my brain, but it was.

Enter Tee Tom. Well re-enter. We hung out casually the other night. I had alot of fun and after unintentionally stealing some JBC's, I was like wait what is the opposite of not liking this boy....aww crap! I don't like Tee Tom I can't! For telling myself for so long that I didn't like this took not very long to change my mind.

So Karma will kick you in the pants...don't doubt that. I am going to eat a carmel apple and hope for the best! And I put this picture on today cause I dunno it had me laughing for minutes! If I am truely queen of the hobo's who is my creepy santa clause?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

It was the best of times it was the worst of times

Well I got home from Edmonton in one piece phyiscally after many close calls....emotionally somewhat in fragments. I spent my time with Mr. Thiel and it is what I would deem, awkward,dissapointing and confusing. In that order. Let me give ya'll the readers digest version of the story....I went to see if there was something there......there wasn't.

So once that was tragically figured out the downward part of the weekend was over. I went to my old roomate's wedding reception....and I got to see a few of my old friends.....Remember Dan mentioned a couple blogs back. We got to talk and catch up for a few minutes. I forgot how much he makes me laugh. Like teary eyed!

I got to see like a plethera of engagement rings. No matter where I go I cannot escape it I guess! It is a reality I am going to have to face no matter where I am.

And well the dance party with sarah and tash was nostalgic and fun beyond believe. So it was a bad weekend.....but it was a good weekend. On another brighter note I got hooked up with some sweet sweet hollister attire. Woot summer wear!

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Yearly Repetition of my Past

Well, another year another Thiel story. Every year me and this boy meet up somehow. First year we met, second year we cuddled, third year we held hands and he kissed me, now I am scared to meet him for our forth year encouter. I dunno why this is...summer last year was great we hung out all the time we were really good friends and things were just so comfortable with him...I dunno why the next step logically seemed to be a kiss but it was.

So this weekend I am going up to Edmonton for a friends wedding reception( of course). And we have kept in touch via email and msn. He is stolked for us to hang out.....and I am undecided. Its because girls think to much about nothing. Really it is nothing....what can happen I will see him for all of one day. And what can happen in one day?

Ok well at least I got a chance to write this down and think it through.Everthing will be fine right? RIGHT!